The Basics of Cooking with FECO (with recipe)

Our own Chef Joey Galeano is going to bring you all types of cannabis infused food recipes. Some will be easy and others will be more complex, but no matter what the difficulty level you are sure to enjoy your cannabis infused cooking. We’ll start with the basics today: cooking with FECO and how to make cereal marshmallow bars, brought to you by Chef Joey Galeano and Delta Oil Co. FECO.

FECO Basics

What is FECO?

What exactly is FECO? FECO is fully extracted cannabis oil. Also known as RSO or Honey Oil, FECO has all the terpenes, the flavonoids, and has a full spectrum cannabinoid profile. It is recognized by doctors, clinicians, and medical professionals around the world for its medicinal benefits.

Working with FECO

FECO can be a bit tricky to work with right of the package. To make FECO easier to work with place syringe of FECO in the steam of boiling hot water. An easy way to do this is to pour boiling water into a coffee mug, and lay the syringe across the top edges of the mug. Warming the FECO makes it easier to dispense from the syringe for accurate dosing in your recipes. It is also important to get your FECO from a dispensary for accurate dosing.

Photo of FECO syring lying across top of coffee mug

How to Make Fabulous FECO Marshmallow Bars

Photo of the Fabulous FECO Marshmallow Bars


Only five ingredients for this recipe and that includes FECO! Along with your Delta Oil Co. Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), the first ingredient you’ll need is cereal (6 to 7 cups). Chef Joey Galeano’s favorite cereal is Chocolate Lucky Charms, but you can use any cereal you like. Some good choices are “Oops! All Berries” from Cap’n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, or the classic choice, Rice Krispies. You will also need salted butter (5.5 Tablespoons), marshmallows (16 ounces), and pure vanilla extract (1 Tablespoon).


Melt butter and FECO together in a 4 quart sauce pan over medium-low heat. Once fully combined slowly add marshmallows and reduce heat to low. As the marshmallows melt, add pure vanilla extract. Don’t break Chef Joey’s heart by using imitation vanilla extract! Get the good stuff, you deserve it.

Photo of melted marshmallow goodness

Once the FECO (see dosing info below), butter, marshmallows, and pure vanilla extra are combined, add your cereal of choice. Mix to coat the cereal in the yummy, melty marshmallow mixture then add it to your parchment-paper-lined 9x9 baking pan. Gently press the cereal mixture into the 9x9 pan. Make sure not to smash the mixture into the panm, as this will make for some difficult cereal bars to eat. Once your cereal mixture has been gently and evenly pressed into the pan, place the pan into the refrigerator for about an hour. Once cooled in the refrigerator, take them out to get back to room temperature.

Photo of FECO marshmallow bars in the refrigerator

Once your cereal bars are at room temperature it is time to cut and enjoy this delicious recipe! Please be mindful of your dosing, which can be done both at the beginning (by choosing how much FECO to use in the entire recipe) and at the end (by determining the size of your bars). Enjoy responsibly!


Edibles Dosing Guidelines

The recipe shown in our video here and descrribed above used one syringe of Delta Oil Co.’s Grand Daddy Purp FECO which contains 711 total milligrams of THC. The size of your cereal bars will determine how much THC is contained in one serving. For example…

711mg / 10 bars = 71mg dose per bar


711mg / 20 bars = 35.5mg dose per bar

General Advice on Dosing

Everyone is different when it comes to how cannabis affects them, but as a general rule occasional users often require a much lower dose than your seasoned, high-intake consumers.

  • Micro Dose: 1-5mg
  • Beginner Dose: 5-10mg
  • GoodTime Dose: 15-50mg
  • Seasoned Consumers: 50-100mg
  • Rocket Man Dose: +250mg

Of course these numbers are not set in stone, but can be good guidelines for your new consumer.

Figuring out how much THC you’re using in any particular recipe can be simplified to some pretty basic math. It is important to keep track of how much is going into what through every step of the process. If you try to figure it out later, it may already be too late.

Important Factors are “How much total THC?” and “How many servings?”. When you are using a whole syringe in a recipe it makes it easy. Simply divide the total THC by the number of servings. EXAMPLE: You use an entire syringe of Delta Oil Co.’s BlueDream FECO at 704mg THC into your grandma’s cookie recipe that makes 22 cookies. Divide the total number of mg THC (704) by 22 cookies, and we get cookies that are 32mg THC each!

Dosing will change if you are making small batches of butter or oil. You may only need a small squeeze of FECO. The syringe is lined with measurements to help you know how much you are using. In the case of Delta Oil Co.’s Pineapple Express FECO testing at 685mg total THC in a 10ml syringe, the 2 ml line on the syringe would represent 137mg. You achieve that number by multiplying 0.2 by 685. Example: if you put 1ml of Delta Oil Co.’s Pineapple Express FECO, into a tablespoon of oil to add to your dinner, you would be adding 68.5mg of THC to your meal. A good rule of thumb for FECO since the beginning is a grain of rice represents a medical dose. Keep in mind our FECO is full-spectrum, so you are getting a multitude of other cannabinoids. Our math above refers only to THC, but the same methodology can be applied to finding the dose of the other cannabinoids.

Wrap up

Now that you have the knowledge to make your own edibles, get yourself to your local dispensary, ask for Delta Oil Co.’s FECO, and get baking! 😁

Stay tuned for more educational content and tasty recipes from Chef Joey and the Delta Oil Co. team. Subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on social to be notified of new content!
Chef Joey Galeano taking a bite of the Fabulous FECO Marshmallow Cereal Bars

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